One-on-one music and puppetry for seniors

Book in Regular Room Visits for your Residents


Room visits are uplifting and assist with decreasing depression, and isolation.

Sessions are tailored to create variety and interaction with residents and will include familiar and nostalgic ukulele sing-longs, hand and shadow puppet performances and therapeutic harp.

Each visit is different and tailored to promote fun, connection, interaction and meaning for residents.

Melissa’s enthusiasm and warmth shines through in her performances and much humour and laughter ensues. The intention is not just to perform for residents, but to create an interactive experience where residents can shine.

Melissa is an experienced Lifestyle and Leisure Officer and trained Counselor. She blends her entertainment skills and experience working with seniors to create experiences that promote quality of life and choice.

Sessions range from 1-2 hrs and can include room visits or roving performances throughout your Aged Care Facility.

To book one-one-one sessions for your residents or to discuss options call: 0407 879 945