Tales of the Sea Children’s Show


The rough and rugged Captain is looking for new crew for his ship ‘The Salty Walrus’

Come join the storyteller for a touch of the ridiculous, fun and interactive Tales of the Sea where the audience becomes part of the show.

A myriad of factual and fictional tales 


Tales include:

  • The Pirate and the bear

  • The Lonesome fisherman

    Learn about the dreaded Kraken, strong and courageous female pirates and find the answers to these questions…

What’s a bingle rat?

How did black beard make his dramatic entrances?

Why do pirates wear eye patches?

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing a good tale of intrigue and humor, leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired with a touch of the ridiculous to boot!

Melissa is excited to present her new show Tales of the Sea, a 50 minute interactive storytelling and puppetry experience specifically designed for children. Audience members have plenty of interaction and become part of the show!

The atmosphere is fun and full of revelry. Prepare to be surprised and delighted!

storyteller gustoBEST pirate and me steps v good picBEST storyteller shakespeare pose 2

Show duration: 50 minutes with 10 minutes extra for questions and photos with the puppets.  

Ages: Suitable for 3-6years.

 Contact Melissa on 0407 879 945 for a friendly chat regarding booking the show for your next Library show, birthday party, festival or event.